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Leaving EDCMOOC with a Digital Identity!

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I have never participated in a MOOC before.  I am extremely interested in online learning and its potential, but I have been disappointed in what I have seen so far — and specifically the lack of education for teachers who are delivering online classes.   How will the 21st century student be reached? Where is the engagement?
To say that I am impressed with MOOCs is an understatement.  Perhaps I was lucky that this was my first one.  It never occurred to me not to complete it.  I piqued from the moment I received that first email in November.  I have been in Educational Technology for over 20 years, and I have never been so engaged in a learning environment in my life!
I was fortunate to be adopted by the “Fraingers.”  We formed a Google+ Community.  We even have an entry in the Urban Dictionary.
“We met as strangers in EDC MOOC, and our asynchronous posts on Facebook and Google Plus helped us become fraingers, or digital friend-strangers for life. Fraingers are strangers from around the world who became friends in a MOOC, and have never met in person.”
With the support of 16 incredible people from all over the world, I began my MOOC journey.
In my initial blog, I identified 5 goals for this MOOC.

1. A desire to build a Personal Learning Network.


Twitonomy illustrates that I have expanded my PLN to the far reaches of the globe.

2. A willingness to learn new tools for communication, content creation, and collaboration.


During the MOOC, I used MovieMakerAnimotoAndreaMosaicStorifyPearlTrees, and ScoopIt for the first time.  I have some great artifacts from each of these tools  (just click on the links).  I also grew my Twitter  over 100 followers.

3. A systemic approach to organizing the overwhelming amount of information that is being presented by all participants.


I used Storify, PearlTrees, Evernote, and Evernote Clipper to help me keep track of the myriad of information that we were exposed to.  It will take me weeks to review  all of the valuable resources I have collected.

4. A fascination with the organic process of this social community as it evolves


I entered the G+ Community and now am a member of 5 active communities of educators around the world.  I participated in Google Hangouts, and wouldn’t miss our Saturday TwitterChats for the world, TEA included!

5. A desire to record/document the participation in this MOOC using the best “tool” for the process for the final “artifact.” 

PearlTree Taxedo Mosaic Contest Image

I selected Movie Maker to create my final artifact.  It was easy to use and fun to do.  I selected the music “Age of Aquarius” because of Hamish MacLeod’s comment during a Google Hang  Out “It’s A Happening.”  I grew up with this song.  It resonated in me, and gave my video a voice.
I really valued the Peer Assessment process.  I realized that I needed to evaluate each artifact as I wished to be evaluated.  Here are some comments I received.
 “I particularly enjoyed the selected piece of music and considered it complemented the visuals. The artefact stimulated a reaction: I found it interesting viewing the visual images that signified the changes over time. I was particularly attracted to the written quote “we are defined by our digital identity”.
 You satisfied all of the assessment criteria. The journey through the ages was predictable as you referenced each era and the pace was slow. The video is more engaging towards the end as you make new connections and embrace the themes of the course. 

This assessment addressed the weakness in the video, which I wrote about in my last blog:  ” but I was stuck — being a former History Teacher — I used a linear construct to illustrate my ideas.”  To the viewer, it was “predictable.”  Excellent evaluation!
But now, as Andy Mitchell has so eloquently put it in his Farewell Video, and “Now the End is Near” I leave you with some of my favorite artifacts….the order is random.  I expect to be viewing artifacts from EDCMOOC for the next few weeks.  This is only the beginning.  This is an extremely creative group of people!

15 comments on “Leaving EDCMOOC with a Digital Identity!

  1. kateswork
    March 4, 2013

    Thank you for sharing your assessment of the EDCMOOC. Very interesting; I, too, got a lot out of learning about all of the various tools that are out there, and interacting with people through the Google+ hangouts. Only wish I’d come across Fraingers — sounds like a great group!

    • cathleennardi
      March 4, 2013

      Thanks, Kate. It was helpful for me to summarize my experience. When people ask me about the MOOC, I now have a way to share. Now that I have become a MOOCaHolic, I hope to see fellow EDCMOOCers pop up again!

  2. travelerglobal
    March 5, 2013

    Cathleen, are you now enrolled in another MOOC? Your artifacts and blog are fantastic! You gathered many interesting sources, links, materials – all are very useful.

    I am enrolled in “Model Thinking” MOOC offered by University of Michigan

    Here is my final assignment


    • cathleennardi
      March 5, 2013

      Thank you for your comments! Yes, I confess to being a MOOC-a-Holic. Currently enrolled in Social Media as well as Innovation in Organizations. Glad you liked the blog!

  3. Gitte Bailey
    March 6, 2013

    Hi Cathleen. Thanks for your interesting blog post. And for showing me another new tool: AndreaMosaic. You’ve made really beautiful pictures.

    • cathleennardi
      March 7, 2013

      Thank you for your comments Gitte. I really liked AndreaMosaic too. The class was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. Hope you did too!

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    • cathleennardi
      March 7, 2013

      It really helps bring the whole learning experience together. It also helps when you try to explain to people that you are spending all your time MOOC-ing!! Thanks for the comments!

  5. Claudia Brauer
    March 9, 2013

    Hello, Cathleen. Unfortunately due to personal circumstances I was not able to complete this EDCMOOC but the learning curve has greatly helped me in acquiring the knowledge and tools I need for the 21st Century. Your post is a fantastic summary of some of the discoveries for many of us and a reminder of all the work ahead. Thanks.

    • cathleennardi
      March 9, 2013

      Claudia. So glad you liked the summary. The course was inspirational for me. Perhaps you can take it again next time they offer it!

  6. Sorokti
    March 14, 2013

    Thanks for listing my artifact Cathleen! It’s been great connecting with you and I look forward to learning more from you. Reading your post has now given me some more tools to explore. 🙂

    • cathleennardi
      March 21, 2013

      It was fun working with you Keeley. We have alot of common interest in education and I enjoyed seeing you pop up on Twitter, blogs, and ScoopIt!. I also followed the Chicago Conference because of your live link posting. Look forward to networking with you in the future!

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  8. Brandy Fleming
    September 24, 2013

    Cathleen – I’m taking the CIC MOOC with you. It’s my first MOOC and I’m learning volumes about myself, the global learning community and what I may be most excited about – all these new digital tricks & tools! Never heard of Storify, Pearl Trees, Scoop It, etc. Just getting the hang of Google+ now. Thanks for all these insights!

    • cathleennardi
      September 24, 2013

      Hi Brandy. So glad you have found the world of MOOCs. It is a fascinating experience. CIC MOOC is a good one to start with. It is also important to connect with other people so you don’t get lost in the noise. Reading other participant’s blogs is a great way to connect. Thanks for stopping by!

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