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Random Stimulus: Brotherhood


In Week 2 of Creativity, Innovation and Change, we were to consider and reflect on how we generate ideas. I have never been good at journalling and used to keep a random Idea Journal. However, these days, I have taken to EverNote. I seem to have sections for everything — CookBook, Notes on a Book I would like to write, Notes for each MOOC that I am a participant, Travel ideas, books and movies I would like to read/see, the list goes on and on. I like the fact that I can use Evernote clipper, that I can add images, and that I can access the notes from any of my 3 devices. I know that if the electricity goes out I might be out of ideas for a short time, but it seems to work for me.

We were given a taste of some tools for our Idea Generation Toolbox. This week we could select from Random Stimulus, SCAMPER, and Morphological Matrix. The resources provided were well written and easy to understand. I took the recommendation to use the idea generator to help with my project development. I have to admit, I was skeptical. I used the Random Stimulus. I was delighted how I was able to generate so many ideas when I had previously thought I was stuck. It definitely works!

From the Random Stimulus exercise, I used the random word generator recommended by fellow MOOC participant Wendy Pudalov. The word was Brotherhood. See my brainstorming activity here. I was able to develop and expand the idea that I have been considering for my project. Had I not completed the exercise, I would not have sought out others to join me in the project, nor would I have considered an active marketing plan for the idea. Here is the plan I intend to submit.

We were also asked to stimulate our creative juices by participating in several exercises. I selected Junkyard Wars.

What we use and buy to enhance our lives starts out as scrap, dust, and dirt, and is transformed by the raw material known as our minds into products and services. Your task is to take your “junk” from the wastebasket, garage, or wherever you may find it and then design and build a unique “something” of beauty and utility for others to purchase and enjoy. Your marketplace is CIC. Dig into your entrepreneurial spirit and sell your ideas. Be bold! Be colorful! Be yourself.

I chose to transform this pearl necklace that belongs to my 97 year old mother-in-law. It has sat broken in a plastic bag for over 10 years. I restrung each one in a different design/pattern that I gave to her granddaughter and great-granddaughters who all have birthdays this weekend. It brought a smile to her face. What a legacy!

Photo Sep 13, 7 01 02 AMPhoto Sep 13, 7 02 21 AM

One of the most interesting aspects of MOOCs is the interaction with other participants. I am an active participant in the Google+ Forum and the Twitter backchannel #cicmooc. I am part of a QuadBlogging Group and I review the LinkedIn digests that are of interest to me. I like to say that my network is helping me learn. This week, here is what I learned from my network:

I had missed Pico Iyer’s TedTalk in the Idea Cloud until it was pointed out (I am sorry I can’t thank the person who did because I didn’t record it). I edited the video to the most salient point I heard…

I was delighted to see two people respond to my invitation in the LinkedIn Discussion Forums to form a subgroup on Professional Development for Promoting Creativity in the Classroom. I hope that Wendy Gentry, Laurel Madro and others will join me in putting this project together.

Maureen Maher shared Steve Wheeler’s blogpost, This is What Blogging is All About. It’s about conversation. It is about connecting with others. It is about sharing our collective experience.

That collective experience, ideas, suggestions & videos are being curated on my Pinterest Board for the course. Thank you all for sharing.

I am not a fan of the Discussion Forums. Too much noise for me. I prefer to create a Personal Learning Network of like-minded individuals to share our creative journey together.

Photo Sep 17, 5 35 52 AM

Thanks for listening.


6 comments on “Random Stimulus: Brotherhood

  1. maureen maher
    September 18, 2013

    Hi! I have heard that Evernote is good, but have been lazy about exploring it. But if you say it works for you, then I’ll definitely look into it. I admire your project plan and wish you success with it. It sounds sufficiently open, inquiry focused and individualized enough to attract those of us educators who are tired of across the board professional development. The pearl necklace that you beautifully restrung together for your family is the perfect metaphor for creating a bridge from the past to the present which creates meaning and fulfillment in our lives and the field of education. Love the MOOC forum quote-sadly so true! We’ll get there…

    • cathleennardi
      September 18, 2013

      You have to try Evernote. The fact that I could share a ‘note’ in the blog for those that wished to dig deeper is huge. Not to mention an excellent organizational tool. I appreciate your comments. I am excited that I found 2 people via LinkedIn who may be interested in participating! The Discussion Forums are not my cup of tea, but I read that edX and Google have teamed up to form MOOC.org, so maybe they will find a way to refine the process to make them a manageable means of communication. The necklaces brought tears to her eyes. I can’t believe I forgot to photograph them, but I will! Thanks for listening.

  2. danishbuddha
    September 18, 2013

    I’m also a big user of Evernote, i use it for all kind of stuff for education and learning stuff, still use good old notebooks for idea journals. I like the thinking of brotherhood in online creativity. I’m not a big fan of linkedin, but i’m very keen to hear more about your work on Professional Development for Promoting Creativity in the Classroom. I personaly was contacted by another from our mooc about rethinking digital learning for deaf people, so these idea tools certainly work (i haven’t used them myself, because of minimal time). I feel the same about forums, why use them then we have stronger and much better way to communicate, i don’t know what to do without my PLN on twitter and g+..

    • cathleennardi
      September 18, 2013

      Thanks for your comments. I was planning to do the project on my own, but liked the fact that others expressed interest. Rarely do I venture into the LinkedIn forums, but I scan the weekly digest for interesting ideas. (I really need to use it more as a way to network). If I hadn’t done the Random Idea exercise, I would probably be plodding along by myself. My idea would be to create a basic curriculum that could be delivered over a period of time that could then be adapted for different grade levels. I am excited at the prospect and will keep you in the loop. I have done a lot of work with blind clients using technology. It really opens a whole new world. I am sure that your idea to open the door for the hearing impaired would work. I would not be able to complete MOOCs without a PLN. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. feliciasullivan
    September 21, 2013

    Cathleen you have inspired me to revisit Evernote. Also I like that idea of crafting of creating your own little network of like-minded folks to form your PLN. I have to say that I have not created enough time in my schedule to take full advantage of scanning and seeking out ideas in the platforms you noted as I had done in the EDCMOOC. If not for my pre-defined commitment to participate in the quadblog I surmise I would have come complete disconnected from the MOOC. So thanks to you for drawing me in. I now need to think about how to focus and create time for the ideas I care about. This was one of the things I took away from the week 3 mini-lectures.

    • cathleennardi
      September 21, 2013

      You have to try Evernote. You won’t believe how it can help you be more organized. This morning I participated in a Google Hangout with some peeps from LinkedIn who are interested in expanding my project. Totally awesome. Even if the project gets scrapped, the connection with like minded individuals is always energizing. I am so glad I drew you in just a bit, a taste if you will, to remind you of the importance of not getting overtaken by “time sucks.” Here is a link to the HangOut (It’s an hour so you may not have time…..)

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