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Yearning for Creative Collaboration

Last week, I utilized the Random Stimulus exercise to flesh out the idea for my project “Promoting Creativity in the K-12 Classroom.    This included recruiting others to collaborate with — which — as an unexpected bonus has provided me with a Personal Learning Network for this course that I believe is essential for MOOC participation.

In week 3 of Creativity, Collaboration and Change we were challenged to:

  • Define and understand different criteria for evaluating ideas.

I participated in an online Brainstorming Activity led by Tracee Wolf.  The 6-3-5 Brainwriting Exercise tackled the problem “In what ways might we increase cash flow at home?”  Participants from across the globe over a 24-7 collaboration schedule completed the document that produced quite a number of interesting concepts that could be put to excellent use!  I was impressed by the communication and collaboration, as well as the way our ideas mushroomed from this exercise.  It will be up to Tracee to evaluate these ideas based on the criteria for idea evaluation methods to determine which ideas will work best for herself and her family.  See the completed document here.

At the same time, the conversation in the Group Discussion started to expand and I suggested we have a Google Hangout to discuss whether these ideas had merit.  (Mind you this was scary for me — was it my “Bold Act of Defiance” to lay out my ideas in front of strangers that could possibly be shot down?)  Thank you Maureen Maher, Wendy Gentry, Jasper Albert, Laurel Madro, Tracee Wolf.….for your participation in the conversation.

  • Evaluate ideas and solutions using the Paradox of Structure as a guide.

I invited Maureen Maher to join the group because we appeared to be like-minded inviduals, and she had contributed to the project mentioned above.  She suggested that we would create a similar Brainstorming Activity in order to be able to generate more ideas.  In my mind, this would be a perfect way to allow me to use the ‘GroupThink” to create a Strategic Plan to give this project some legs.  For me, the Paradox of Structure is working with a team in a global environment vs. working alone.  And yet the synergy of the group is providing the explosion of ideas and collaboration,.  In fact, it is so intoxicating that we have welcomed two more members to the group who have been following the discussion thread in LinkedIn.

    • Develop a strategy for bringing new ideas to implementation.

Once we complete our Brain Storming, we plan to use another Idea Generation Technique to develop our Vision and Mission for the project.  These collaborative ideas will be then integrated into a Strategic Plan with a Vision, Mission, Goals and Strategies for accomplishing these tasks.

As I sit and reflect back on the week, perhaps it is best summed up by this post by Tracee Wolf:

“Interesting that I should watch this the same day that I write about finding my creative tribe in a yearning for creative collaboration and appreciation.”



6 comments on “Yearning for Creative Collaboration

  1. maureen maher
    September 25, 2013

    Cathleen, I love how this piece is coming together for you (and others) It seems we have been programmed as the young woman explains in her talk to think that Success=independence. A better, more humane and more 21st century task is to aim for a collaboration/reconnection which makes the world a better place. Tikkun Olam!

    • cathleennardi
      September 27, 2013

      Maureen. I have spent many years working collaboratively to get work done. I love networking with people, drawing out their assets to contribute to the group, and seeing the whole group benefit as a result. So glad you are on the team!

  2. Felicia M. Sullivan
    September 26, 2013

    Cathleen, sounds like extremely productive collaborating. The idea of crafting a personal learning network does demand the kind of constant care and attention you describe. I find myself in short supply of time this MOOC round. So what will allow us not to short change the important efforts needed to build and maintain the connections with others?

    • cathleennardi
      September 27, 2013

      Felicia. “The constant care and attention” is no less than with any other relationship. We have to tend the fire or it will go out. When you find a PLN that meets your needs personally and professionally, you will know it and it will not seem to be work, it will just become part of the process.

  3. peggy fayfich
    September 27, 2013

    Cathleen, I love the way you are embracing this course. For me you are modeling how to get the most out of the course as I struggle to bring some order to my own learning and very loose team of classmates.

    • cathleennardi
      September 27, 2013

      Thank you for your comments, Peggy. Fortunately, I have like minded individuals on my team. As an experienced facilitator and teacher, part of my job is ‘herding cats.’ I don’t have that issue here. I am enjoying the process and looking forward to seeing the project idea come to fruition!

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