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Are You Empowered?

Monday marked the beginning of the 21 Day Teacher Empowerment Challenge (#21DayTEC).  An amazing group of educators from all over the world have assembled to explore empowerment, because…

Empowerment doesn’t just shine down on a select few.
You have to choose it.

The challenge was developed by the team at creativist.io to provide teachers with an alternate, personal and proactive opportunity for their professional development.  The challenge was designed to encourage a reawakened sense of confidence in one’s own creative teaching abilities and to provide a forum and platform for acting on their own creative powers.

At creativist.io, we believe that it takes 21 days to make a habit, so we have provided 21 mindfully paced tasks that stimulate a new way of behaving and thinking that is empowering for both the participant and the children they teach.  In addition, teachers have access to an online community created just for them, a personal learning network that encourages new, bold, creative and liberating ideas for their classroom, including experience with new tools and technologies, an expanded technical literacy.


I’m looking forward to Week 2!!
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