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The 3 R’s have been replaced by Communicate, Collaborate and Create



This past week I have spent organizing my work for the MOOC, so that I will be prepared and not overwhelmed when the class officially starts next week.

One of the things that I decided was that there was no way  to keep up with the 32,000 or more Moocers and that it would be easier to focus on my own Personal Learning Network (PLN), people of like interests and passion.

It also helps to have a systematic approach to the massive amounts of information crossing our paths.  To that end, each day, I tweet, pearl, scoop, view one video, read someone else’s blog, check the posts at google and facebook, and gather information for my blog.  It also helps to review the Course Material for the actual class going on simultaneously.

If you haven’t read “Getting Smarter,” Tom vanderArk, here are his recommendations for establishing your PLN:

  1. Keep the spirit of collaboration as your driving force.
  2. Join an online community.  
  3. Join a Google+ group.  
  4. Become a beacon of light.  
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  6. Be an active participant.  
  7. Remember to be polite and acknowledge contributions to the rightful owner.
  8. Designate a professional and personal account.  
  9. Create a landing page.
  10. Engage newbies.  

PLNs are a powerful change agent. And in today’s world an online professional learning network is indispensable.  Technology allows easy access to an unparalleled network of professional resources. Growing your network can lead to opportunities for professional growth and help change the future of education



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